DSD_ABOUT_PAGED.S. & Durga – fragments of half remembered legends, movements, events, and foreign lands

David & Kavi make perfume and cologne in small batches using premium-sourced raw materials. All scents are created exclusively in-house. Some of their inspiration comes from outdated herbal wisdom, native ritual medicine, lore and legends, historical movements and Americana. The scents are the stories of prospectors, gentry, trailblazers, frontier women, drawing rooms, workbenches, cowboys. They are fragments of half remembered legends, movements, events, and foreign lands.

D.S. & Durga’s production hearkens back to the pre-industrial cottage industries of North America. The processes are time consuming and low in yield. Both factors place quality of product far above quantity. HYLNDS is a line that seeks to recall the myth- infused lands of Northern Europe. Tracing legends from antiquity and the Iron and Viking Ages, HYLNDS scents are made with in- depth research into historical documents, aromatic analysis of real places, and the artistic creation of the Celtic, Norse, Manx, and Anglo peoples.

D.S. & Durga strive to present a range from light to full bodied. Though all scent is unisex in nature, D.S. & Durga honor the classical breakdown of masculines & feminines. Sartorial consideration is an important facet of their decisions.

D.S. grew up immersed in the idyllic scents of a quaint New England town – ocean and forest. Since winning his first bottle of cologne at an island summer camp raffle, he has developed a lifelong fascination with fragrance. He moved to NYC in 2002 with an old band. Durga was born in the shadows of New York, but traveled the world throughout her childhood. She studied architecture in Los Angeles and design in Holland. She then returned to New York to design buildings – and met D.S. outside of one.

Together they soon began tincturing flowers, herbs, and spices to make aftershaves for friends. When they realized that none of their friends shaved (this was 2007, mind you), they started blending oils, resins, and plant extracts. The results were small batch perfumes and colognes, and friends loved them. Durga had an idea: she could distill her designs into the architecture of fragrances (and the packages they live in) and D.S. could write songs in scent.


BeauFort London – Come Hell or High Water

Beaufort London offers uniquely British perfumery driven by curiosity and inspired by the sea.

leo-crabtreeThe creation of musician and writer Leo Crabtree (whose life-long love of fragrance and preoccupation with the darker elements of British history are the collection’s impetus) BeauFort London’s brand identity recalls a very British obsession. Born into a family of artists, psychologists and sailors, Crabtree’s first home was a boat on the River Thames. “The sea, its traditions, superstitions and way of life are ingrained in me. The name ‘BeauFort London’ (derived from the 1805 wind force scale*) represents a kind of framework within which we can understand ourselves: The wind is constant, enduring, but ultimately changeable and potentially destructive”

It is fitting then, that his first fragrance creations, the ‘Come Hell or High Water’ Triptych draw heavily from Britain’s nautical past for inspiration. The collection is to be bold, sometimes contrary, but at all times driven by innate curiosity and a desire to expand experience.

“Powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, ‘blood’ (actually a faintly metallic tang) and brandy combine with sea spray and a penetrating citrus note.“ the perfume society

1805 is the year in which Nelson both won the Battle of Trafalgar and lost his life: the year in which Sir Francis Beaufort introduced his ‘wind force scale’. The scent imagines moments within the battle itself. Powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, ‘blood’ (actually a faintly metallic tang) and brandy combine with sea spray and a penetrating citrus note. The fragrance is singularly bold in its composition, yet refined, provocative and unique.

Paradoxical and challenging, this fragrance house stays close to their emotionally engaging inspirations at all times – and as a result, BeauFort London manages to be thrillingly original and aesthetically pleasing at all times. A little bit Jekyll and Hyde – the charmingly refined gentleman with a barely restrained louche monster straining at the leash, perhaps. We dare you to take the plunge…

Come Hell or High Water


Imaginary Authors – Scent as a provocation

JoshImaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you. In these bottles are layered narratives that are sure to generate stirring conversation, fragrances that might be capable of changing the course of your own personal story. The hope is that they not only invigorate and intoxicate, but also take you to new places.

Each Imaginary Authors fragrance follows a compelling storyline peppered with intriguing twists. These are scents to curl up with, to share with friends, to take with you wherever you go, and to return to again and again for a uniquely transcendent experience.


Imaginary Authors

Etat Libre D Orange

Etienne-de-Swardt-3Etat Libre d’Orange currently presents a collection of 34 fragrances — all aspirational, all essential. With an emphasis on originality, audacity, authenticity and freedom of expression, Etat Libre d’Orange proposes surprising olfactory compositions, without any limitations in terms of creativity, raw materials, or expense.

This is why the brand has met a growing number of passionate fans who see in Etat Libre d’Orange its singularity, its sincerity, and its adherence to its ethos: luxurious, provocative, sometimes ironic, often subversive, and always elegant.

In ten years, Etat Libre d’Orange has become a respected constituent in the world of perfume:

Five stars from the New York Times in its classification of perfume houses; The Specialists’ Prize, awarded by the Fragrance Foundation France for having created an innovative and daring perfumery.

The Signature

Etat Libre d’Orange is a declaration of independence. Etienne de Swardt worked for a long time in the rarefied world of luxury perfume, a world which has had a fixed scope and ambition. Much of the work in recent years has been limited to simple and sterile fragrance expressions. Perfumes have been conceived with the goal of pleasing the greatest number of potential customers, and this goal is based on the premise that customers want something easy and uncomplicated.

Bored with these dictates, Etienne formed his own house with the idea of starting a revolution. He wanted to create a challenging perfumery, to emancipate juices from traditional restrictions. He envisioned perfumes that were furiously liberated, dangerously endearing. Flamboyant, excessive, perfect. Sometimes scandalous, always delicious. Perfumes for life and love and making love.

Etat Libre D Orange


Internationally acclaimed florist and author Saskia Havekes does not so much arrange flowers, she curates them; drama, scale and sensual depth are her signature. Grandiflora was established in 1995. This tiny


Saskia Havekes

space groaning to the rafters with dramatic vegetation and luxurious blooms was the modest launching pad for a new way of looking at foliage, buds and branches. The Grandiflora aesthetic has influenced interior styling, hospitality, fashion, editorial and even the modern rituals of giving and displaying flowers. Baby pineapples, pods, gum nuts and lotus blossoms are now the modern way to honour, court and celebrate, giving license to the traditionally tightly bound bouquet to break free. From an artful posy to a full-scale installation, Saskia is always searching for the chance to sculpt savage beauty out of the bounty of nature and the mutability of the seasons. Massive falls of branches can flow from the ceiling of a museum or a sea of cabbage roses might flourish at a grand society wedding. As her clientele has expanded, her work has become international. Collaborating with the most recognised and influential brands and celebrities, styling and designing flowers for events and film, Saskia is a favourite with contemporary fashion designers and her career has blossomed along side both the Australian and International fashion industries. Her adventures at Australian fashion week have fostered some of her most experimental work. Saskia has sought to share her passion for flowers in the publication of four books, Grandiflora (Viking, 1999), Grandiflora Arrangements (Penguin, 2007), Grandiflora Celebrations (Penguin, Lantern 2011) and Flower Addict (Penguin, Lantern 2015). Accenting natural beauty, highlighting remarkable events or boldly suggesting wilder ways to arrange flowers and foliage, each book reveals a richer insight into the Grandiflora vision. Forever pushing creative boundaries, 2013 saw the launch of Grandi- flora Fragrance. For Saskia “the chance to create a perfume as a florist is the ultimate luxury because it offers the challenge of paying homage to natural beauty in another medium. Fragrance is a subtle construction; it is not a replication of nature, but rather a play of memory and desire. To re-create and interpret the scent of a flower is rather like telling a story about my passion for the mystery of an elusive flower”. Each fragrance is a unique masterpiece – an entwining of memory, fragility and desire.


Ciatu – The Soul of Sicily

„Ciatu“ is a Sicilian word and means „the breath“ or „the soul“.

The brand „Ciatu“ stands for Sicily and represents the soul of Sicily with organically produced local products. The luxurious products of the brand Ciatu are exclusively handmade in Sicily. The raw materials such as olive oil and millefiori honey originate on the island.

The main ingredient of Ciatu’s cosmetic line is olive oil, which is rich in vitamins A, E and D and has a high nourishing, softening and antioxidant power. Essences of lemons, oranges, almonds obtained on the island give this unique line its antioxidant powers and also give the line an olfactory heart of Sicily.

Ciatu comes from the idea of Andrea Spatola, who, moved by his passion for Sicily, decides to promote and enrich Sicily’s cultural heritage through the creation of unique cosmetic products. He created an exclusive sensory journey that recalls the smells, the colours of the island.

The illustrations, made exclusively for Ciatu by Sicilian artists, are based on archaeological finds and works of art from Sicily’s cultural heritage. They tell of the changing history of the island through the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards.



Ciatu  – The Soul of Sicily


portrait_web_pissaraPissara Umavijani or Ploi Uma, the founder and lead perfumer of Parfums Dusita, grew up in Bangkok. A young artist with a passion for fragrances, she began creating her own perfumes. Blending rare, precious scents. Ploi dreamt of opening her own ‘maison de parfum’ in France, the home of classic fragrances.

At Parfums Dusita our passion for fine fragrances begins with a love of traditional French haute perfumery and its style. To this we bring our own intimate familiarity with the fragrant oils, powders & resins of our Siamese heritage. For countless generations, traditional Siamese ceremonies, religious and cultural, have used jasmine, sage, rose, benzoin, beeswax, bergamot, sandalwood and many more, beautiful and natural scents.

Dusita’s founder and perfumer says,
„We aim to create great fragrances that can’t be copied. Perfumes with true recherché value. Traditional French sophistication graced with Siamese elegance”.

Dusita’s exclusive collection of perfume ‚extraits‘ is a tribute to the poetry of Montri Umavijani, the father of Dusita founder Pissara ‚Ploi‘ Umavijani. Dr Montri (1941 – 2006), a craftsman of words, is considered one of Thailand’s leading modern poets. He travelled extensively and achieved international acclaim for his work. Both poetry and perfume stir the imagination with sensual and subliminal appeals. Parfums Dusita uses Montri’s poetry to help ‘illustrate’ the romance of our perfumes.

Inspired by Montri’s lifetime quest to find the joy and peace of mind that the heavenly paradise ‘Dusita’ is said to afford the spirit, our perfumes evoke realms of earthly happiness. Issara – the joy of freedom and tranquility; Melodie De L’Amour – the sweet bliss and magic of love ; Oudh Infini — the euphoria of adventure and discovery.


Map of the Heart – Everything comes from the heart. It is our essence.


Sarah drinks words for breakfast. She likes to make stuff. Loves the plain and the luxurious jammed together. Loves the luxuriousness of being underwater surrounded by liquid. Loves the idea of diving into molten lava for its heat and viscosity but knows it’s a life ending dumb idea. Loves when a little goes a long way. Smell shorthands everything: a memory, a place, a feeling. Jeffrey thinks in images. He thinks a good image asks more questions than it answers. Finds the beauty in the ugly and the ugly in beauty. Loves to make, loves the smell of a landscape, the exploration of story and cultures and always looking for poetry and more poetry. Sarah and Jeffrey have had a long creative relationship in writing, design and film. Map of the Heart was borne out of a creative need to further explore the full atlas of the senses. It draws on their passion for story and understanding that scent is as transporting and intoxicating as words, images and film.

Jacques Huclier is a master perfumer who thinks in scents. He masterfully translated words and images into scents that soar and sing. Each heart has its own distinctive olfactory poetics. As a nod to the brand’s Australian heritage he wove a fil rouge of Australian sandalwood into each of the hearts.

Map of the Heart



Filippo UNUM PARFUM | HOME 2018-07-09 13-22-13Unum was born from the desire to fully understand the „sacredness of the mystic“, as an expression of painful research of a cosmic knowledge that finds its genesis in a perfection inspired by the geometry of spaces, the understanding of volumes and the symphony of lines.

Unum is a perfume atelier sui generis, because it breaks with the classical perfume tradition, to face an original and proper journey. A journey inspired first of all by the search for the deep knowledge of one’s own cosmic self…Filippo Sorcinelli is one of those people whose contours are difficult to draw, because they are multiple, like his tattoos, that seem to draw the lines
of a destiny for which he wants to take full responsibility.


Paul Schütze

paulschutze_main_picSome years ago, a critic reviewing a new album by Paul Schütze described his music as “perfumed sound”. Neither the artist nor the critic realised at the time what a prescient observation this was. As an artist and composer, Paul’s work has focused upon the sensory and the sensual for decades. His work as a composer is often hallucinatory, dream-like and rich in exotic details. As his practice expanded into installations involving film and photography, a universe of very particular, strange beauty began to emerge. In 2012, he began to experiment with olfaction, creating his first perfume Libro De Tenebris which was impregnated into the body of a large, entirely black book at the centre of an exhibition of prints. The perfume captured the imagination of everyone who smelt it.

In 2015, Schütze created three fragrances for the Sir John Soane Museum in London which were diffused into the building during a nocturnal candlelit event. This echoed a series of moonlit photographs the artist had made in the same spaces a couple of years earlier. The perfumes roamed and mingled in the museum invoking its past life as a home to Sir John and his astonishing collection. For that one night it was as if the spaces were inhabited by the fragrances.

For the last two years Paul has been developing the first three wearable fragrances to launch Paul Schütze Perfume . He has approached their creation exactly as he approaches all other aspects of his work.

Intuitively and without compromise – preferring to develop his own technique rather than follow conventional methods. His creations are unconventional and reflect the ideas of location, beauty and the mysterious found in all of his works.

Paul Schütze

Francesca Bianchi

m y w a y

My perfumes are conceived and fully handcrafted by me from initial spark to final bottling and packing in Francesca-Bianchi-The-Dark-Side-300x300my laboratory in Amsterdam. I take care not only of creation but also of producing the concentrate, filtering it, and packing each perfume by hand. The constant search for quality material is not just crucial for the achievement of the perfume, but is an ever-lasting passion to which I am compelled to surrender.Actual circumstances, states of mind and intuitions fraught with a troubling, sensorial, emotional or spiritual meaning are the source of my inspiration. These are my epiphanies. I am not interested in merely copying their smell, but in conjuring them up and at the same time, expressing the emotional thrill I experience during these epiphanic occurrences. The creation of a perfume is a very long and complex process, and it takes me a hermit life to devise a formula which I then blend, holding my breath at every drop I add as in a sacred ritual. At those ecstatic and silent moments, I feel like an alchemist which through a transformation gives birth to something new, which is not the simple addition of different materials.



yosh-5In 1994, Yosh Han walked into a boutique in Aspen, Colorado with hundreds of bottles on the wall and knew she was on to something. She talked to the manager about working there, and after being told they weren’t hiring, insisted that it was her destiny. The owner came out to see what was going on and, after hearing the bewildered manager’s explanation, said „“Well, if she thinks she’s supposed to be here, let’s see what she’s supposed to do.”

Thus began, Yosh Han’s career as a perfumer. Over her two year apprenticeship, she learned to identify the healing essential oils and sensuous perfume essences in each of those bottles. After moving to San Francisco, Yosh continued to use these elixirs in her own modern practice of the ancient art of perfumery, creating unique custom blends for individuals and boutiques. Now she has created her own YOSH 2004 collection. Each multifaceted scent is hand-crafted and blended by Yosh using the finest ingredients available, then assigned a numerical value that corresponds to the fragrance family (floral, fruity, green, etc.) and resonates with principle of Chakra energy and numerology. These are distinctive original scents with the power to set moods and capture passing fancies. 

Oh, about that destiny thing? The Chinese character for Yosh means fragrant. This is a woman who has found her true calling.


Baruti – „we smelled the past, now smell the future“


Meaning gunpowder in Greek Baruti, when used as an adjective refers to those with excessive character, bite and a certain edginess. So Baruti is for you! The perfume connoisseurs who want more than just a nice fragrance. It is for those who seek new experiences, food for their soul! Everything is here, attention to detail, depth, complexity, development, balance, and unending dryout.

We ‚ve all smelled the past, we know the history of perfume, now we welcome you to smell the future. Baruti is on a journey an adventure if you like to places still unknown, unfamiliar and undiscovered. Our perfumes tell the stories you haven’t heard, about things you could only imagine.





Aeon Perfume is a way to approach perfume without compromises Aeon Perfume will collaborate with perfumers, artists and adventurous minds around the globe to deliver with every scent an entirely new universe of chemically driven emotions The perfumer behind each fragrance will be revealed when the following fragrance/project will start.

Each fragrance will be available in only 333 pieces, carefully crafted and bottled to meet 333 sublime souls.  

AEON is available in selected perfumeries. Each box is numbered and contains the handmade glass bottle.

AEON001 is already distributed and we are working on Aeon002.

A perfume without compromises, a world where light merges into darkness and gravity floats over time.
An experiment and a gamble that delivers this exclusive high quality perfume hidden in the shadow of mystery. The unique Aeon001 perfume bottle is designed to hold preciously its floating content, a liquid gem suspended in the air ready to awake all the senses. Air is replacing  thickness and lightness is fighting with darkness to sublimate in pleasure. The Aeon001 bottle is handmade using borosilicate glass for a total volume of 65 ml.

For the perfumer a dream came true, releasing an experimental scent, regardless of commercial or brand driven restrictions, for a limited circle of yet unknown friends and lovers of rare fragrances.

Aeon001 is challenging the perception of vetiver blending it with white flowers, smoke and spices together with a translucent layer of glowing resins.




Fedua was born in 2015.

The strong will of Fedua to represent a new idea of beauty comes from the research of the most peculiar colours, from the communicative and unique need of style and from guarantee of high quality products.

img_macchiaA product line that will be launched on the market in october 2015 with eight fashionable gel e ect nail polishes, presented in an original package.

Fedua Cosmetics has started a course of research in order to launch within a year a totally eco-friendly nail polish line, free from harmful substances. In 2016-2017 Fedua Cosmetics aims to expand the product range with a line of perfumes and cosmetics.



About us

Strictly Selective Cosmetics GmbH is a niche brands distributor for luxury cosmetics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Denmark.

More than just a distributor, Strictly Selective acts as a partner for our brands and retailers. We help brands control and limit distribution according to their specific needs and targets, and we support retailers through frequent visits, trainings, and by ensuring exclusivity for an area.

We accomplish this by limiting our scope of engagement. We choose only the best retailers by city, with passion and dedication for the brands we represent. Likewise, we focus our efforts on only a very few complementary brands. Upon request, we additionally support our brands with strategic support by sharing market data, evaluating the potential for brands, and proposing a market entry strategy.



strictly selective GmbH
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Web: http://strictly-selective.de

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